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At Maguire Boats we produce the Exocet International Moth. We have worked closely with designer Kevin Ellway and top UK moth sailors to produce and supply a great new boat. This work continues as we develop upgrades that can be easily retro fitted to your Exocet, keeping the boats up to date with the latest developments.

The Exocet, from Maguire Boats, represents the latest high performance Moth, which has culminated in innovative refinements in both hull and foil design that have achieved notable improvements in performance as well as their ease of use.
These have emanated from extensive computer modelling, the application of precision CNC tooling, careful material selection, and an exacting attention to construction detail and material layout, resulting in a high quality product that is stiff and robust. 

For Exocet pricing, we are experiencing a high demand for boats at present. There is a circulation of second hand boats coming onto the market. We have managed to reduce the wait for an Exocet by increasing production and now everyone who wants to be on the waiting list will pay a non refundable deposit of £600. This has meant that people have thought very hard about being on the list. If you are interested in a build slot, please get in contact for an estimate.

Moth Worlds 2016 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th.
European Results follow here

Moth Worlds 2015 - 3rd and 4th.
UK National Championships 2015 - 1st, 2nd and 3rd, seven boats in the top 10.
Moth Europeans Lelystad 2015 - 1st, 2nd and third, eight boats in the top 10.

Top UK speed holder (31.07 knots)

We carry a full range of spares for Exocets, we also sell parts and accessories for other designs and home builders email us with your enquiry.

Boat Developments and Updates
2015 Developments

The new Exocet HX2 foils from Maguire Boats designed by Ellway Aero - Hydrodynamic Design
Designer’s notes
The Exocet International Moth now has a choice of 2 foil sets; the HX1 and HX2.
All Exocet foils are scientifically designed and developed using both 2D and 3D CFD (computational fluid dynamic) modelling coupled to a detailed VPP (velocity prediction program). The CFD models predict the lift and drag characteristics of the foils whilst the VPP is used to evaluate their performance in the Exocet Moth around a race course for differing rider weights in various wind and sea states. A final design is only reached after many iterations of design have been evaluated over a virtual race course with no further overall gain in performance.
The HX1 foil package is designed to perform over a widest possible range of conditions from marginal foiling to fresh to frightening and for sailors in the weight range 75 to 90kg. These foils get you foiling exceptionally early and have excellent glide to enhance foil tacking and to allow the sailor to soak deep downwind. Upwind you can choose your mode from very high to low and very fast. The foil sections and small overall area allow high downwind speeds.  These foils have already won both UK National and European Championships and also hold the outright UK Moth speed record of 31.7kts.
The new HX2 foil package is designed for maximum performance in winds of over an 11kt minimum speed. These foils are intended to be used by heavier sailors as a medium to high wind foil set, but can be used as all round foils for the lighter sailor. On the water, you will still lift out earlier than most non Exocet Moths. Once up and foiling you will still retain the glide and easy foil tacking and control for which the Exocet is renowned, but you will have higher speeds in bow down mode upwind and especially offwind.
Compared with the HX1, the HX2 foils slightly trade early lift out for a higher top speed – you can’t have both! Winds are rarely constant and can be unpredictable. There is, therefore, an overlap in the performance envelopes for the HX1 and HX2 foils. This allows the HX2 foil to perform well even in conditions outside of their design optimum.
Kevin Ellway October 2013
Ellway Aero-Hydrodynamic Design

A note from the designer
Designed by Ellway Aero - Hydrodynamic 
Races are rarely won solely on the basis of top speed, but hinge on minimising the time spent going slowly around the racetrack. The Exocet has been designed not only for high speeds, but also to minimise the time off the foils – she foils very early and has the glide to foil tack and gybe smoothly. Downwind, the Exocet is truly a missile, but is still very controllable and easy to sail in chop.
The Exocet represents the culmination of many thousands of hours CFD analysis of both the hull/foil hydrodynamics and the hull’s aerodynamics, combined with practical experience and elite sailor feedback. The smooth, rounded lines of the hull give a smooth lift out, and prevent it from catching in chop whilst also reducing windage. The foils and control system allow you to fly high and fast safely.
Maguire Boats has built the Exocet to the exacting standards demanded by the design. The hull, wings and foils are all very stiff. This allows drive from the rig and dynamic input from the rider to be converted directly into controllable speed.
Kevin Ellway August 2012 Ellway Aero-Hydrodynamic Design

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